1.5. Challenges for institutions and funding bodies

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Some challenges for institutions and funding bodies are:

- Provide opportunities for open-ended creative experimentation which may have no short term market application.

- Foster investment not only in technical infrastructure or in traditional, ‘content‘, but also in media projects that create access and participation.

- Make small-scale and short-term project funding available.

- Provide for long-term structural support.

- Create structures that support projects based on methodology as opposed to subject.

- Promote “cross bridges” between university departments, research labs etc.

- Recognize non-traditional outcomes – such as public manifestations, documentaries, etc.

- Support and fund applied to science labs in universities (support actively interdisciplinary work), give accreditation for interdisciplinary contributions, pay extra-money for interdisciplinary contribution in universities (courses, presentations, lab work).

- Support investigation within the “wild”.